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Don’t Cheat Your Future.
This is an education program set to change the governing worldwide corporate business right through to the SME mindset to one of freedom, openness, extraordinary connection and communication. It is pro-future, proactive bold, producing leading performance and continual planned personal and corporate team development for ultimate reigning with influence and profitability locally, nationally and internationally.
• Poor attitudes and detrimental habits of culture of which we are not made aware, cannot be changed.
• Attitudes and habits will not change, without an exchange!
• Attitudes and habits cannot be changed overnight, but they will change if we plan and reward the change with the desired mindset for desired outcomes. A tree is revealed by its fruit. The fruit is first in the heart of the tree.
• You will know you have made the change by the results/fruit produced.
Past great performance is no guarantee of future success, especially when related to reward. Remember K.P.I’s. are just the “theory”, “map” or “projection” of future purpose, goals and objectives, their achievements and successes based on past performance and future goals, but usually with a new and higher measure of both effort and planned routine and therefore possible future gain.
What will you do after you have reached your “peak performance” and can’t do more without creating great stress for yourself and those around you? Well, you will either get help, go elsewhere, be fired or you will need to leave for a variety of other personal reasons.
But let’s move this from being just personal, to being a corporate/company/business entity amongst other players in the field, because this will ensure we can apply the same rules across the board – from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top!
• We can only be at the cutting edge of anything by knowing how to reign supreme in that realm.
• To reign has nothing to do with “royalty, position, prestige or status” (titular heads)! It has everything to do with influence, development, growth and control of the “realm”! It is most important for the present – and especially for our future!
• We must set our future DNA in the seed of the present developing flower and its fruit to secure a future result.
• It must be embedded in our hearts and minds long before we can experience it psychologically physically/materially. If it isn’t – nothing will change, even though we may buy and wear new clothes (programs/systems/software) and rearrange, or buy new furniture (modern state of the art hardware & equipment) and use or buy better talent (staff/people).
Learning, understanding and applying in your own life key future knowledge, will establish within you the ability to lead and govern where it really matters – in the realm you must reign and rule over if you wish to be the leader in your world, market, and realm!
There is an old saying, “Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed”. The problem with this of course is that it’s a lie!
• All who are alive today are facing change 24/7 whether they are expecting it or not.
• What most people don’t understand is that they have the power (and need to access the power), to change the expectation, or the “law of least resistance” will prevail. Most people unfortunately are “prone” to live by the “law of least resistance”. It is worse than procrastination! Passivity is the grave for degeneration.
• Everything resists regeneration – nothing resists degeneration (it is the “law of nature”) except regeneration itself! It is a higher law. It overcomes degeneration. It operates by a higher directed energy, inspiration, wisdom and pro-future knowledge.

You will either defraud (cheat) or develop (build up) your future and future generations – it’s your choice!

B.A.C.U.P. Quote: Define your “expectations” or the “law of least resistance” will define you! ~ John R Fergusson

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