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Our mission is to help your business get into the best shape of its life. We believe that any business can get healthy and fit for the future with a regular program of future-sightings (foresight), good confrontation analysis (fearless frontiersmanship), clear decision making (forthright direction), control of planned expectations of mission command (fortified control), and equipped to master the winds of change (flexible positioning).

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Our consultants are highly experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional. Our facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel, tailored training and consultation areas, and is a clean-skin process but comfortable journey for securing and rewarding your future. We can also come to you! You need to see us soon.



Are you and your business ready to enjoy better health, higher, more profitable energy levels and greater business wellness?  Our programs are proven to help people of all businesses, company sizes, and wealth levels to attain business well-being, power and strength, and time for contemplation of your future and needed relaxation because you know you have your future covered.

Invite us to drop by any time to see your facilities and discuss more about your program for the future – you may contact our reception for booking dates and times and also the appointment fee schedule.

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About John R Fergusson
Director & CEO

John R FerJRF DSC_0008gusson is an accomplished and highly respected public speaker, teacher, tactical planner, a pioneer strategist and catalyst for today’s world of business.  Gifted in revealing new ideas, innovative future paradigms and original top of the mind concepts with inspiration and revelation, John wraps them in practical, compelling everyday individual and group mind changing exercises that become life changing.

Inspiring both small and big business into future collective living/working dream state ideas for the ultimate wellbeing and transformation of every living working human being secures their future, and thus the future of the business/company.

Throughout his life John has worked in both the large corporate and small business world community, having established over the past 40 years numerous businesses and companies working with many leaders and managers whilst developing and training some very large organisations, one in particular exceeding 80,000 workers. The latest company he was working in for a number of years to both support the owner and help develop the business as a franchise, was Gloria Jean’s Coffees International.

John is a leader committed to communicating current mission, with pro-future vision, founded and established in strong family values at every level of our society, especially for the purpose of guiding the business and corporate world toward the mandate that they must exist to serve the community, locally as well as at large.

John lives, works, leads and serves the world based in Sydney Australia.

Besides Business studies and studies in Humanities he also graduated from seminary in 1967 in upstate New York.  He was a leader for many years in pastoral christian ministry in the USA and Australia.

He now travels to speak to and train leaders and organisations using personal coaching, to executive elective sessions, collaborative weeks and weekends, seminars, conventions and conferences in many countries around the world.

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